How Not To Get Blue Crayon Out Of Carpet

Man. Friends are freaking awesome. This past weekend we had some of our best friends bring their new little baby girl and come stay with us. I can only try to explain how much I love this family. Being around them and having them do life with us for a few days really was the breath of fresh air that I needed.

While enjoying the afternoon yesterday, folding laundry, and chatting it up with my pal Lauren, my angelic little cherub Clara decided to move her coloring from her coloring book to our super luscious white carpet (I seriously can not wait to get rid of it, who puts white carpet in a house?!). It wasn’t until her crayon broke and she needed a new one that I realized what was going on. Needless-to-say, Lauren and I were on a mad dash to figure out how to get this art project out of my carpet.

Attempt #1: Not sure where Lauren pulled this one from but we were advised to get a damp towel and place it over the crayon marks. Then, I heated up an iron to high and slowly went back and forth over the markings. This did not work.

Attempt #2: Lauren called her mom for some advice. Advice given was to replace the towel with a brown paper bag, no water, and iron over that. This also did not get the crayon out.


Then for Attempt #3: Using this link, we tried our hands at their third option. Using blue Dawn dish soap and water with a towel and iton. I really thought this was going to do the trick I mean, Dawn gets everything out, right?


After these three attempts had failed me, I called it quits, lit a fire, took a warm steamy bath and listened to one of my favorite podcasts while drinking a glass of wine. I promised my husband I wouldn’t freak out every time I see the blue radiating out of our carpet at me however, the push for new floors is gonna be coming on stronger than ever now.

On a side note, if you have gotten crayon out of carpet, seriously, let me know how!


2 thoughts on “How Not To Get Blue Crayon Out Of Carpet

  1. For some reason I was recalling the idea of freezing it. But, when I googled it, the recommendation was to freeze and chip away the larger quantities, then do the iron the cloth thing. Sooo, I’m guessing it doesn’t work either.


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